Friday, July 19, 2013

Documentary narrative:

Space- where spirituality meets science.

What is science fiction? Is it really fiction? What if, tomorrow, you found yourself traveling faster than the speed of light, slipping away into the darkness like a beacon? What if galaxies, teeming with alien populations, lay waiting for one curious spark, for you? Impossible, you say? Maybe, maybe not.

Since the advent of hard core sci-fi in media, the exploration of space has always been depicted as a long and often dangerous voyage aboard a mighty spaceship. Enclosing hundreds of frail humans, these ships would hurtle through vacuum, exhausting vast resources at a massive rate. Who, among us, has not gasped in fear as aliens fired shot after deadly shot at Captain Kirk, worried over the fate of the Starship Enterprise, fought alongside Luke Skywalker or wondered at the miracle that is hyperspace? Such travel is impressive, but is it truly..the 'final frontier'?

Imagine travel at the speed of thought- vast distances made nothing in the blink of an eye. Imagine what it would be like to touch a star, ride an asteroid, look into a black hole-unharmed. The possibility of such adventure boggles the mind and gives rise to skepticism. Seemingly far-fetched, these 'superhuman' miracles are not far off- say some. They call it ‘ascension’…