Thursday, January 12, 2017

Teaching Aids - English

This game board is pretty versatile. However, I used it primarily with verb tenses and the kids always had a blast competing to win.

This game board, one that I particularly delighted in thinking up, is hours of fun. The class is split into teams of five. Each team has to complete 5 tasks successfully to be released from the Tower of Doom. The tasks, represented by the images on the board, are on separate sheets and are as follows: 

1. The Hidden Moon- Completing a worksheet on a particular part of speech
2. The Masked Man- Eliminating letters to find the hidden words, using clues
3.The Crossed Swords- Crossword Puzzle
4. Rapid Fire- Multiple Choice questions with a fiery time limit!
5. Tunnel out- A gap fill exercise

An example sheet of the second task, the Masked Man:

I made more than a hundred of these, again used in many ways in the classroom- from spellings to grammar concepts. For example, a relay race that involves sorting the words into boxes based on the part of speech to which they belong.

This is a game created with PowerPoint that requires a projector. The idea is not mine- I found it online. But I went ahead and made many of them:

The idea is that the kids have to guess the word. They're given the synonym first, then the antonym rolls in, and if they need another clue, the rhyming word rolls in.

I put together posters from images I found online...

Or simply made my own-

A end-of-year worksheet for the lower grades on Parts of Speech: