Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Wacky Christmas Games

It’s that time of the year again! If you’ve been planning a fun family get-together for the holidays, you’ve made the right choice. With this book, you’ll never have to worry about a boring party ever again. We’ve come up with tailor made games designed to spice up Christmas and usher in the New Year, just for you! Delight your family and friends with games right out of an incredible magical land. See elves, goblins, wizards, toys and Santa Claus, not to mention his Mrs., come to life in your living room this Christmas. Have a wonderful jolly time and a fantastic New Year!

1) How do I tell thee?

Introduction: One of Santa’s toy makers keeps forgetting how to arrange his work tray. It’s up to the other elf to show him how to arrange it without seeing it.

Object of the Game: To duplicate the arrangement on your partners work tray

Preparation: You’ll need lots of objects for this game. Make sure that you have a pair of any object that you choose. Two ornaments, two candy canes etc.
Directions: Players can play this game one team at a time. Have each pair of players sit with their backs to each other. Give one player a Christmas tray with all the different objects arranged in a complex way. Give the other player a tray with the same set of objects; only these are piled in a heap. Set a time limit for the game to be played. The player with the neatly arranged tray has to describe the arrangement in such a way that the other player duplicates it on his work tray. Players are not allowed to look at each others trays but can only guess. The game is over when either the time limit expires or the players feel that they’ve done it!

Note: A variation of this game is to give one player an ornament or an object have him describe it in terms of shapes without naming the object, in such a way as to help the other person to draw it. The other player will have to draw the shapes in the manner described and try to guess what the object is.

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